This blog is intended to be a bit more lofty and forward-looking then I unfortunately tend to be in daily life. It is meant to examine the intersection between politics and the realities of being a the multi-sesory and conscious creature we call a human being. So often the issues of politics and economics are discussed and decided upon on the basis of dry expedient considerations. This has created a point in our history where the average person, whether they admit or not, often experiences alienation and a sense of hollowness in their lives.

My fundamental premise is that true democracy has been subverted by an all or nothing adherence to isms, and this has been detrimental to the advancement of the human race and our spiritual well-being. The verbiage and concepts of Capitalism, Socialism, and Marxism, in their classical senses, have little baring on the world today because we no longer live in the 18th and 19th century industrial societies that created them. They keep us from being able to address individual problems and entertain various solutions because we are weighed down by their ideological baggage. We must be able to identify the pressing problems that cannot be ignored and work through a truly democratic process to solve them. Then we can argue about the small stuff around the edges. I think we have the ability and knowledge to make this point in history a transformative and positive one if we can set aside outdated preconceptions and start working on real solutions.

I am here as an observer and commentator. I think the solutions to our biggest problems have to be arrived at through the consensus of as many people as possible.


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